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About Us

100x100FILTEQ (Filipino Information Technology Educators Qatar) is a non-profitable organization dully accredited by Philippine Embassy accreditation No. 145-2014. It is a group of overseas Filipino in Qatar who volunteer to render their time and efforts to help the Filipinos in terms of Information Technology Literacy.


The mission of Organization is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every Filipino individual in Qatar will be provided the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in Information, and Communication Technology, which in turn foster self-confidence, personal growth and career development.
Enhance the knowledge and skills of Filipinos in Qatar in the field of Information and Communication Technology.


At present FILTEQ are composed of 2 divisions the founding members and the volunteers. They have also a key official which composed of founding members and a representative from the volunteers. The founding members as it implies are the founders of the group. They are in charge of the decision making of the organization. They are also the one who is looking for any resources to be used by the organization for their programs. The volunteers are the one who facilitates the programs of the organization. As of present, the organization has an existing program which is the Computer Literacy Program.

 The volunteers are the one who facilitates the Computer Literacy Program they are the teachers and assistant teachers.

FILTEQ is encouraging anyone to become a FILTEQ member. Being a FILEQ member has a privilege one of that is prioritize in FILTEQ will conduct any training course and programs which FILTEQ are envisioned for the coming years. Also there are courses that only offered to FILTEQ members.

NO CLASS (in Red)


  • Sir Delmar
  • Sir Boy
  • Maam Meriam
  • Sir Herbert
  • Sir Robert
  • Sir Leo
  • Maam Juvy
  • Maam Lyn
  • Maam Franz
  • Sir Jun
  • Maam Lornica
  • Sir Ryan

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